Get Jinxed

Difficulties Expert+
0 3

Mapper: OtherPatrick 360 bpm vibro map kinda stamina maybe like a lvl 10

OtherPatrick Electronic


Difficulties Expert Expert+
4 3

Mapper: OtherPatrick had this map in my wips for a while, end plays kinda weird for me but probably a skill issue because i dont see anything wrong. dm me feedback/issues: Patrick.#4059 ex+ ha…


big paling sound

Difficulties Expert+
3 0

Mapper: OtherPatrick made in under 2 hours for nlbsg challenge i am so sorry (dot spam idk if its possible)

OtherPatrick 1.1. Balanced Electronic

Sacuna – Home

Difficulties Expert+
8 3

Mapper: OtherPatrick map has some dodge walls as a warning if you dont like that probably my best map this song and artist are so underrated. go support them bandcamp: https://sacunafm.bandcam…

OtherPatrick Rock

Nickelback – Photograph

Difficulties Expert Expert+
4 26

Mapper: OtherPatrick note: some parts were cut funny vibro map if you have epilepsy please play with static lights or the expert difficulty dont downvote if you cant beat it or if you dont lik…