Gladde Paling – Fissa X 13

Difficulties Expert+
216 4

Mapper: olbmaphlee OLBMAPHLEE MAP HOLY MOLY (chromia did like 2 notes ignore that) all feedback isnt accepted this map is already perfect (OlbmaPhlee#9563 or Chromia#2629)


Chandelier – Will Paquin

Difficulties Expert+
55 2

Mapper: olbmaphlee Beeg thanks to cynocz and klondike with this map First time im uploading a map that could be actually good lohl Thank for play tests to all the people I annoyed Enjoy!


All I need – Slushii

Difficulties Hard
88 68

Mapper: olbmaphlee my first proper map. when i made this i didnt know it was from rocket league i just saw it on slushiis insta story have fun feedback at OlbmaPhlee#7374 on discord


Bird – Brenky | Mapped by OlbmaPhlee

Difficulties Normal
2 0

Mapper: olbmaphlee my first map so its probably shite but its acc so might be boring for you non acc players, or im just bad mapper. Probably just bad mapper. Cant believe i actually finished …