Like This! -Smash Into Pieces

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
39 3

Mapper: negimafan A new map from Smash Into Pieces with a little special on it ^^ Beware: poodledifficulties are the same but one is for lefthanded because of a bug on ver. 1.22.1 Play poodle …


Smash Into Pieces – Ego

Difficulties Expert+
82 1

Mapper: negimafan The new Smash Into Pieces song for fans. It’s a little bit difficult, but I hope you like it. Here is a video from PeddaVomMond : Requierements: Chroma for best lightsh…


Smash Into Pieces – Bangarang

Difficulties Expert
157 7

Mapper: negimafan My next map from Smash ^^ Hope you like it and have fun by moving around (dancy map) Thanks for testing at Smarmybweeble ^^ Requirements: Chroma for the best light expierience


Breathe Carolina – I.D.G.A.F.

Difficulties Expert
15 1

Mapper: negimafan My first map, where i used ChroMapper. It’s difficult, but I hope you like it ^^ Testplayer: Cronoiserich and Smarmybweeble (big thanks to you ^o^ ) Requires Chroma to play it.


Smash Into Pieces – Forever Alone

Difficulties Expert
124 3

Mapper: negimafan My next map. Hope you like it, have fun playing it ^^ It is a dancy map, so moving is important and we are all here for the fun. for a preview to this song : played by PeddaVomMond

negimafan Alternative

Smash Into Pieces – Wake Up

Difficulties Expert
107 5

Mapper: negimafan Here is the next song that I made. I hope you like playing it ^^ Cronoiserich and Smarmybweeble have helped me make it better, by testplaying it. Many THX to you ^^ !!! Crono…


Bluemchen – Herz an Herz

Difficulties Easy Hard
20 5

Mapper: negimafan A little project in dedication to my girlfriend that loves the song so much. Not very difficult, but the lightshow looks great in my opinion ^^