Houteishiki wa Kotaenai

Difficulties Expert+
8 2

Mapper: Mystikmol banger song this was extremely fun to map holy HECK Requested by Flight Highschool DxD ED Lights by Lolighter Expert+ only Balanced Tech Enjoy ya’ll! Chart by Mystikmol…


STAY (Matt Girst Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
10 5

Mapper: Mystikmol Banger rock version only 1 diff because (might’ve dropped this if I made more :((( these longer than 2 minute songs take up so much motivation LMAO) Lolighter lights


Run Away With Me

Difficulties Easy Normal Expert+
74 2

Mapper: Mystikmol Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me BPM: 119 Quick reupload for audio adjustments! Freakin BANGERRRRR Take me back to 2015 pls 3 difficulties! Easy is true acc! Markete…