Wagakki Band – Tengaku

Difficulties Expert+
15 19

Mapper: miitchel back from vacation and here is a new map 🙂 Shoutout ofcourse to ManDynasty (ManDynasty#4729) for the beautiful lights again! 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭+ Notes: 1.801 Notes per Second: 5.82 Bombs: 62 Wall…


End Time (Old Ver. + Higher NJS)

Difficulties Expert
3 5

Mapper: miitchel This is just bananentropfen’s map, he deleted it from beatsaver and I asked if I could reupload it with higher NJS since he doesnt have the map on his pc anymore, so here you go…

miitchel Death Metal

Special Treatment

Difficulties Expert+
67 1

Mapper: miitchel This is a collab between Nuketime and me (miitchel) Fixed 0:02 (6-101) – Nuketime 0:33 (102-165) – Nuketime 0:53 (166-245) – miitchel 1:19 (246-293) – Nuketime…


Soulless 5 (8-bit Ver.)

Difficulties Expert+
6 9

Mapper: miitchel I give credits to all of the mappers that have participated in the collab of Soulless 5. This is just an 8-bit remix of Soulless 5 made by Darkblade12 and copied the original version&…