Tommie from East London

Difficulties Expert
1 1

Mapper: Mh3hero Mapping was done at request of the artist. This song has some weird slight bpm fluctuations so the motions may seem awkward at points. Overall the movements are fairly simply w…


Spaceman – The Killers

Difficulties Expert+
31 83

Mapper: Mh3hero I may release easier versions in future, but I really wanted to do an Expert+ map. The Killers songs are amazing for mapping, so expect a fluid, yet fast-paced song. Let’…

Mh3hero Pop

Disco Pogo – Die Atzen

Difficulties Expert
64 12

Mapper: Mh3hero Bumpin song This is the German version (English version is trash imo) My first mapping. Tried to keep it fast pace with good flowing motions for a beatable, yet entertaining ex…