Peradaban – .Feast

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: mentegagoreng Hidup tak sependek pen*s laki-laki. WARNING: Map ini lebih keras dari map metal manapun.


Ko ko da yo~

Difficulties Easy
29 4

Mapper: mentegagoreng Kroos is love, Kroos is life. Doctor will protect her at all cost.


Tepung Beras Rose Brand

Difficulties Expert
4 0

Mapper: mentegagoreng The jingle (from an old ad) of an Indonesian rice flour brand, Rose Brand. The song itself is calming, so enjoy.


Mars Binusian

Difficulties Expert
1 1

Mapper: mentegagoreng My very first map, dedicated to all of you, Binus University students. Unfortunately, the song has quite an inconsistent beat (or maybe I’m too newbie to know how t…