maurdekye Rap Rock

Pendulum – Crush

Difficulties Expert Expert+
290 137

BPM: 174 Difficulty: Expert, Expert+ Lighting: Full I included an Expert difficulty for the song, so the intensity of the Expert+ difficulty doesn’t intimidate you enough to not listen to this s…

maurdekye Pop Rock

Fat Lip – Sum 41

Difficulties Expert
63 5

Mapper: maurdekye This is a fantastic example of a mapper listening to feedback and creating a highly polished end result! Almost every issue in the original review / version has been resolved. The ma…

maurdekye Pop Rock

Sum 41 – Fat Lip

Difficulties Expert
20 2

EDIT: There is an updated version of this song that fixes almost every issue with this version here Super fun. Has a few rough spots, but is definitely worth playing if you’re a fan of the song. The b…

maurdekye Hip Hop Rap

Big Shaq – Man’s Not Hot

Difficulties Expert
140 29

Mapper: maurdekye BPM: 135 Difficulty: Expert Lighting: Full _nfGJDE This song focuses more on technical skill than reflexes and timing, so expect the difficulty to be somewhere …