Difficulties Expert+
2 1

Mapper: maso I don’t care if you put a down vote on this map. 7 levels of sanctions! Gao ~ 万年六段…

maso Hardcore Hardstyle Japanese

USAO – Knight Rider

Difficulties Expert+
48 2

Mapper: maso This map is very difficult. However, it is a very good practice for those who play rank maps. I am confident in the degree of completion. ランク譜面をプレイする日本ランカーの皆さんはこの曲で練習しましょう。…

maso Alternative J-Pop J-Rock Japanese Rock

Grand Escape – RADWIMPS

Difficulties Expert
64 21

Mapper: maso 映画『天気の子』がとても良かったので拡張レーンで雰囲気を活かしつつ譜面化しました。是非遊んでください。 「ねぇ、今から晴れるよ」のパァっとなるところが必見です。 I watched a recently released popular movie of Japan. This movie was so good that I made a map with the th…