Ms. Miku After Dark

Difficulties Easy Expert+
5 5

Mapper: manofterror vibro map if you can play the easy diff i recommend it if you have any ideas for better ways to decorate or just wanna tell me something (Man of Terror#5543) Play with stat…


XDXWills OS Funhouse

Difficulties Easy
0 0

Mapper: manofterror made for a friend (guess who) if anyone has any problems in the map or just wants to talk please dm me Man of Terror#5543 im fine making changes stacked notes are probably …


What Does JDoubleL Stand For?

Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: manofterror a map for a friend based off his best passes/accomplishments – sorry for misspells referenced off of – (no copy and paste) – every note in this map is fro…


Yoga 1.25x

Difficulties Hard
3 1

Mapper: manofterror I did this instead of paying attention to class