Just A Pineapple

Difficulties Expert+
47 5

Mapper: maniac825 good song to drift to bet you can 99.8 this dailyy, ninja, RickSlick, Pandita, Olysgba acc funny yeah…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert+
34 3

Mapper: maniac825 good song to drift to go easy on me will rank if someone wants idk thats fine with me dailyy voidless olysgba silent bange 1000able thanks



Difficulties Easy Expert+
80 17

Mapper: maniac825 5th map lol phonk song good song to drift to hope you like 🙂


Fuck This Town

Difficulties Expert+
24 2

Mapper: maniac825 Second map that I mapped Good song to drift to Duration: 1:56 BPM: 120 NJS: 20 Offset: -0.008 Half Jump Duration: 1 Jump Distance: 20


Days in Paris

Difficulties Expert
13 0

Mapper: maniac825 First map don’t be to hard on me. Good song to drift to.