JonathanRune Japanese


Difficulties Expert+
74 11

Mapper: JonathanRune This is a song that I have been wanting to do for a long time since I think it fits perfectly for Beat Saber. I Just never got around to it. But now I did and I’m ha…


Stream Training

Difficulties Easy
127 6

Mapper: JonathanRune Welcome to “Stream Training” As the title suggests, you’ll be learning/training different kinds of streams. The map is a solid 6 minutes of streams at di…


Lifelight (dj-Jo Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
33 6

Mapper: JonathanRune The new smash game is extremely fun, so I wanted to chart the theme song. But the original one is pretty slow and boring, so I decided to find a remix. Aaaand now I ended …