Imagine – John Lennon

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94 3

Mapper: Jokidum One of my favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite musical artists, John Lennon. P.S. – Wasn’t too sure about releasing this one honestly. I always get this …



Difficulties Easy Expert
188 7

Mapper: Jokidum This is from the most viewed video of one of my favorite YouTubers, but there’s not much I can really say about it. P.S.- I actually began mapping this last year, but I&#…


T.N.T. – AC/DC

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478 33

Mapper: Jokidum This is my personal favorite AC/DC song, so I could never be satisfied with that other version. I hope you enjoy. P.S. – The expert + is the original, but the expert diff…



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700 20

Mapper: Jokidum Just a funny little map I made last week. I thought you might enjoy it so I’m releasing it now. I hope you enjoy. The song is from the Spongebob episode, Pizza Delivery. …