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S3RL – Hentai

Difficulties Expert+
7 7

Mapper: imabstr4kt insane dd gimmick map first half made nearly a year ago second half made last thursday for rank dont take this map seriously WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP …

imabstr4kt Nightcore

Nightcore – Angel of Darkness

Difficulties Expert+
2 4

Mapper: imabstr4kt Epic spiral training map made in exactly one hour. Did a map making speedrun and the end result is actually really fun! Give it a shot if you wanna learn how to spiral! Abst…


LHUGUENY – Undertale the Musical

Difficulties Expert+
13 21

Mapper: imabstr4kt Made in 2 hours, if you manage to pass this PLEASE send me a video. I would love to see it. First passed by Person. Nice job! Feedback: Abstr4kt#2416


Luschka – Kami no Kotoba

Difficulties Expert+
15 6

Mapper: imabstr4kt Fun vibro map I put together to challenge myself, probably the best quality challenge map I’ve made. Hope you enjoy! Feedback: Abstr4kt#2416


Crim3s – Lost

Difficulties Expert+
2 6

Mapper: imabstr4kt Awful map lmao pls play something good ive made thanks 🙂 Abstr4kt#2416


Infant Annihilator – Childchewer

Difficulties Expert Expert+
60 8

Mapper: imabstr4kt Built as a spiritual successor to Ov Sacrament and Sincest. My proudest map, and first attempt for ranked. A deadly test of stamina and endurance. Thank you so much to [CANA…


Hamilton – Guns and Ships

Difficulties Expert+
66 9

Mapper: imabstr4kt Pretty proud of this map. Finally got confident enough to upload to BeatSaver! I always appreciate feedback, so shoot me a DM on discord if you have any! Discord: Abstr4kt#2…