hwatwhy Hardcore Metal

Fl0at on Air – SSS

Difficulties Expert+
13 1

Mapper: hwatwhy Firstly, big thanks to Malakite for giving this song to me, truly one heck of a jammer and- light map because I’ve lost my patience for lighting recently peepoSad Had lots of fun…


Sweet Halloween – Hatsuki Yura

Difficulties Expert Expert+
36 5

Mapper: hwatwhy -Simple Chroma Lights- Halloween’s over for my country but it isn’t ALL over in some right? RIGHT?! I’m semi-late then widepeepoHappy, have this pepeJAMJAM by Hatsuki…

hwatwhy Dance Pop

Cherry Lips – Vanotek ft. Mikayla

Difficulties Expert+
56 1

Mapper: hwatwhy This song is a pepeJAMJAM honestly Hope you will like the map! BPM : 192 4.7 NPS, 19 NJS, 976 Notes Feel free to DM me any feedback SmileW : hwatwhy #1815 Thanks to those that tested m…

hwatwhy Metal

Sea of Shadows – Seatrus

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
30 3

Mapper: hwatwhy Would I call this my first map? Yes, in a way, looks at my list of done WIPs definitely my first… uploaded. BPM : 183 Ex+ : 6.32 NPS, 735 Notes, 22 NJS Ex : 5.57 NPS, 648 Notes, …