Fvrvwrd – Galaxy Crush

Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: hondorus Re upload and going for ranked, thanks to LilSnibbleYT for the mod ThySpoon, Jabob, and Daan have nothing on me


Kobaryo – Invisible Frenzy

Difficulties Expert+
12 3

Mapper: Hondorus___ probably one of my favorite of my maps, and it took me only around a day so im pretty proud of this one, big thanks to FrIeD_PiCkLeS, EmporerLizard, and CyNocZ for play tes…


Seiryu – AO-Infinity

Difficulties Expert+
5 5

Mapper: hondorus this is a pre release, more difficulties will come out and the lighting will be done soon as well, sorry garsh, but you have to enjoy this without lights