HOFNutCollector 1.4. Tech Electronic Hardcore

Laur – Invader

Difficulties Expert+
19 2

Mapper: HOFNutCollector Reupload#1 Took Avexus review into account and saw many problems myself. Removed all bomb resets in favor of either normal or tech patterns. Some build-up sections were…

HOFNutCollector 1.4. Tech Hardcore

Laur – Chaos Emperor

Difficulties Expert+
11 1

Mapper: HOFNutCollector I love Laur I finally made a map after almost a month and its a shit map. Very weird tech and bomb resets that ended up being horrible but im still uploading it. I genu…

HOFNutCollector 1.5. Speed Speedcore

Laur – Noisy Parade

Difficulties Expert+
12 2

Mapper: HOFNutCollector reup for beat leader rank # 1 Well shit now there are 3 of these uploaded on the same day… oh well here’s my take 3/15 of the album is done! I’ve been…