merry-go-round (SARAH cover)

Difficulties Normal Expert
12 1

Mapper: HiwaMari This time, I tried to incorporate various elements so as not to be as monotonous as possible. There are some parts that are difficult to cut, but I think you can clear it if y…

HiwaMari 1.2. Dance J-Pop

Valentine’s Kiss – Yui Ogura

Difficulties Expert
16 2

Mapper: HiwaMari There is a place where you can move with AKB choreography . Please look for it and dance . AKBの振り付けで動けるところがあります💕 是非探して踊ってみてください✨

HiwaMari Anime J-Pop

0(Zero) – LMYK

Difficulties Expert
18 4

Mapper: HiwaMari This time I tried to create Expert. I think you’re busy swinging the saber, but I’ve tried to arrange the notes so that they don’t miss the move. I think you…

HiwaMari Anime J-Pop

Fluorite Eye’s Song / Vivy(Yagi Kairi)

Difficulties Hard
44 1

Mapper: HiwaMari I made it for the first time. Please forgive even if there is a sound gap. I hope you enjoy this song that I love. 初めて作成したマップです✨ ノーツと音がズレていてもご容赦くだ…