Nirvana/Mania – Madeon

Difficulties Expert+
84 10

Mapper: heresphine Both songs in one package, Expert+ only. Put a lot of love into this one as this is something that I’ve personally wanted to do ever since I heard the album the day it…


egg – biskwiq

Difficulties Expert Expert+
7 3

Mapper: heresphine egg Nah in all seriousness this is my 2nd attempt at mapping, having a lot more confidence in this one than my first, and it’s quite a unique song! I hope everyone enjoys!

heresphine House

Kraftfull – Doktor Plekter

Difficulties Expert Expert+
9 1

Mapper: heresphine Expert and Expert+ chart that aren’t too difficult or wacky. Don’t have any real video to upload here because I don’t have any kind of PC VR headset or VR-…