YandereDev’s Toast

Difficulties Expert+
16 0

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 Yandere Simulator developer “Yandev”, also known as EvaXephon, submits a humble toast to Nick for successfully managing to pirate Warcraft III. Consume the cha…

heftym_bsab2 Hip Hop Rap

Ramen King

Difficulties Expert+
88 12

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 Track from the Pink Guy album, where we blip back to the past and check up on him rapping about top ramen.


I can sus

Difficulties Expert+
25 9

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 And what can you do, my effeminate fellow? I can sus. Taken from i can sus extended on youtube reuploaded by Sagnag, original edit by luckynevx


Big Chungus Ooh Nah Nah

Difficulties Expert+
39 32

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 Ooh Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Big Chungus Ooh Nah Nah (Chung-us) I am a “meme” of fat “bugs bunny” ooh nah nah (Chungus)

heftym_bsab2 Soundtrack Video Game

DSI Shop

Difficulties Expert
20 13

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 The DSI Shop theme from the Nintendo DSI! My first real map that doesn’t give you a disease if you play it, I’d hope


Shepard Tone

Difficulties Normal
3 1

Mapper: heftym_bsab2 Has it’s ups and ups and ups and ups and ups and ups and..