Dead Inside – Muse

Difficulties Expert Expert+
52 12

Mapper: HarruBlaku I made this a long time ago but for some reason didn’t upload it It is a chroma map and has some neat colour changes to fit the emphasis and tone of the song (maybe a …


Assassin – Muse

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
68 13

Mapper: HarruBlaku First time I’ve tried mapping speed and I really went for it. Thanks a lot to Skyler Wallace#9952 on discord the bpm of the song was cut down to only 22 changes and al…


Survival – Muse

Difficulties Expert+
52 6

Mapper: HarruBlaku Went for making a fun map with emphasis that works and some fun streams in there that aren’t all super similar. If you are a fan of maps that are pretty much just repe…