Space Battleship Yamato

Difficulties Expert Expert+
33 16

Mapper: gardian20 The version of the opening used in Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark. Instrumental with a heavy beat, so I thought it fit the game better than the se…

gardian20 Anime

Tooi Nioi (Faraway Scent) by YO-KING

Difficulties Hard
20 6

Mapper: gardian20 The second opening theme of the anime “Gintama” and my personal favorite. The map isn’t too hard and is very lyrical, though it has some tricky bits earning…


Parity by NicolArmarfi

Difficulties Hard
4 3

Mapper: gardian20 From the popular visual novel “Katawa Shoujo” this is a chill piano piece. Hard only, but it’s pretty relaxing once you have the hang of it.