foxyboi Japanese

Daisuki, Evolution

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
18 4

Mapper: foxyboi This has been a long one in the making. Thanks to all the motivation from everybody as well as the mods from Scrappy and Altrewin. (And thanks for hex’s metadata which he let me …


Grief & Malice – Helblinde

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
12 5

Mapper: foxyboi 1st Reupload, over 4 months of just trying new things with it till it seemed to work. Lights – Loloppe’s Auto Lighter Foxy Boi’s Malice (Expert++) – The old ove…


Vicious Heroism

Difficulties Expert+
3 4

Mapper: foxyboi Originally meant for the Sight Bleed tourney. But since that flopped I have decided to rework it as my first legitimate challenge map. BTW Shoutout to shadowlord723 for letting me use …


Odin – Shiraishi

Difficulties Expert+
9 5

Mapper: foxyboi Kek enjoy my map, first one that everything was done by me! Lights and all! This has 12 hours of work into it and I just wanna see my baby ranked peepocry…