Paris – $uicideboy$

Difficulties Expert+
114 8

Mapper: FezWhatley Mapped to the rap. Has a few brief strobes. This is right on the line of a hard expert and an easy expert+. Hope you enjoy! BPM: 106, Expert+: 377 notes @ 3.77/s, Duration: …


Tempura – $uicideboy$

Difficulties Expert
28 2

Mapper: FezWhatley Mapped to the rap. Fully lit. Fair for expert BPM: 112 Notes: 501 @ 3.82/s Duration: 2:09 My second map. Let me know what you think on Discord – FezWhatley#6880


Styrofoam – $uicideboy$

Difficulties Hard
62 3

Mapper: FezWhatley Updated version to fix some issues. Second try at this mapping -changed lots of dots -cleaned up beginning that was needlessly complicated -fixed a few wide inward doubles -…