Cyrix Playlists

Symphonic Metal Pack

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Community playlist made by members of the Beat Saber Mapping Discord and BSMG. A collaboration originally meant to be released in November, but it is now finally here. The aim of the pack is t…

Pixelguy pixelguymm Playlists

MYRNE Music Pack

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Pixelguy, nitronik.exe and JohnnyDee are proud to present the MYRNE Music Pack!
6 Amazing tracks by MYRNE, featuring Grant and Popeska, with vocals by Aviella, Nevve, Emily Hendrix and Cozi Zu…


Curators’ Picks of 2020

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2020 has been a rough year for all of us, but at the very least it has provided us with a lot of good maps! In an attempt to keep the home page interesting while beatsaver is down, the curator…


Beat Saber Christmas Maps

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Christmas Songs BSModdingDiscord December 24, 2020 Christmas Playlists BSMG Christmas Contest 2020 Curated by: BSModdingDiscord It’s time for the third annual BSMG Christmas Contest! Onc…