Faded 1k Special Stage

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: faded99 You guys are insane!!! I’ve never expected to get more than 1000 subscribers on my channel in such a short time and I really appreciate it, soooo…here’s my sm…


[FP] Candlelight – LIZOT

Difficulties Expert
5 1

Mapper: faded99 Yooo! Here’s something new and special for you guys!!! I decided to do something special like a new song pack because you guys recently subscribed really much to my chann…


Weekend – LIZOT

Difficulties Hard
8 2

Mapper: faded99 Yo! That’s just a small edit of my 90° version into a standard version, so…here it is! Someone requested this one 😀 90° map download: https://beatsaver.com/beatmap/…

beatsaver.com downloads are back online! Enjoy!