Wolves Standing Toward Enemies

Difficulties Easy Expert+
6 5

Mapper: Abimn I dunno man. I got really bored and spent way too long on the lights. Also side stream/slider hell map in lawless. Have fun 😀 Feeling cute, might go for rank later…


Soft Loli Breathing

Difficulties Expert Expert+
17 6

Mapper: Abimn Haha funni inside joke map it funni is so funny when the breath with in the drill thing haha loli is funni word so funni with miner be similar minor so haha funni loli CUM


The Missile Knows Where it is

Difficulties Easy
44 5

Mapper: Abimn This map is bad. I did that on purpose. You’re legally allowed to hate it. As a side note, mapping notes to someone speaking is kinda hard.


Blue Dragon

Difficulties Easy Expert+
33 6

Mapper: Abimn Found a song that I liked. Literally visualized a chart while listening to it for the first time so I decided to chart it. The lighting was pretty fun TBH. It’s pretty fast…