[ModChart] Frums – 19ZZ

Difficulties Normal
14 3

Mapper: eeethanYT i literaly made this in like a week or two so this is just a simple noodle map that i hope isnt broken —————— REQUIREMENTS: Noodle Extensi…


[Modchart] Daughter – Dreams of William

Difficulties Hard
13 1

Mapper: eeethanYT Life Is Strange Modchart? sure why not. so i made this in 4 hours bc i was bored and just wanted to kill time, theres not many effects but i could of made this better so ill …



Difficulties Easy
12 1

Mapper: eeethanYT pablo . this was literaly just a test for rotation… so ig shitpost map


Water Spirit – IMPULSION

Difficulties Expert+
2 2

Mapper: eeethanYT this might be a modchart later on (i had ideas) so before i make this a modchart i would like to see if this map does good or bad before i modchart it. if the map gets alot u…


[ModChart] Jack Stauber – Buttercup

Difficulties Easy
17 4

Mapper: eeethanYT so the other day i figured out how to make a wall environment or like a sands type wall thing idk, and messed around with the color function for the walls and made this……


[ModChart] Luvox – Global Warming

Difficulties Easy Expert+
3 10

Mapper: eeethanYT this is like… the 5th global warming or smth around that number lmao. probably my best noodle map SO FAR and i only spent 2.5 days on it . btw some parts like the intro…