Duddzy Metal

Atreyu – Warrior

Difficulties Expert+
22 0

Mapper: Duddzy Just an average Ex+ map for beginners to work towards but still hard enough to be fun for a skilled player. I made this as a side project to release while I create my MJ Music P…


Drake – Nice For What

Difficulties Expert+
90 2

Mapper: Duddzy Spent a lot of time on this one. Hope you like it 🙂 Mapped by Duddzy. My Juice Wrld song hit 500 downloads today thank you all so much 🙂 5.08 Notes/Second – Expert + Only


Juice Wrld – Robbery

Difficulties Expert
85 6

Mapper: Duddzy Love this song so I had to make it. Not fast enough to make expert+ so I made a fairly challenging expert map 🙂 Enjoy – 160 BPM – 3.75 Notes/Second – 17 NJS Ma…