Cartendo 1.5. Speed

Cartoon Candy

Difficulties Expert+
5 0

Mapper: Cartendo My first attempt at breaking the 10 NPS barrier. Your average “Speed” map. I learned quite a bit while making this and noticed some things I could’ve done be…

Cartendo 1.3. Fitness


Difficulties Expert+
10 0

Mapper: Cartendo The funny ear hurt song Stupid Copy + Paste map that took like an hour and a half to make. Literally just spams the same 4 patterns over and over. Good for basic stamina pract…

Cartendo J-Pop

Mirai to Mirai

Difficulties Expert+
47 2

Mapper: Cartendo I decided to go grab a map that I made about a year ago and rebuilt it from the ground up. The singer in this song, Mirai Akari, recently retired from her career and I felt li…

Cartendo Video Game

Break My Mind

Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: Cartendo I accidentally took like a 3 month break and just left this map to die, oops. (It’s finished now lol) I couldn’t find any other, “normal” maps of this …

Cartendo Anime

Mirai to Mirai

Difficulties Expert+
21 1

Mapper: Cartendo I made this to practice my mapping pace. It takes me forever to make these.(4/10/22). The note placement isn’t perfect but I’m still improving. There’s a 202…