bytethenerd Alternative

Numb – Linkin Park

Difficulties Expert+
442 22

Mapper: bytethenerd mapped this one really quickly, maybe one day i’ll come back to it and make a far better map but better a 5/10 than a 1/10 i guess thank you beryl for playtesting lov…


Animal – Jim Yosef X RIELL

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert+
94 8

Mapper: bytethenerd La la lalalala~ c22h challenge! made the first one in 2 minutes, the second one in 20 minutes, and the third one in an hour (i was given 2 hours but S P E E D) also there i…


Pararara – Nakanojojo

Difficulties Expert+
7 0

Mapper: bytethenerd c22h challenge that i actually don’t completely hate but don’t like enough to put on my main