blueorca One Saber

(One Saber) Hello BPM 2021

Difficulties Expert+
2 7

Mapper: blueorca Made this while my left remote is RMAing. I think it’s pretty fun but also pretty tricky. Be careful while full swinging this as I injured my right wrist while playtesti…


64 Bits

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
4 3

Mapper: blueorca Hard: Speed/Streams Expert: Vibro Expert+: WDG Vibro Enjoy, this map took me awhile to make (3 weeks) and is my first non-meme map. Good luck trying to pass as I can barely pa…


Night of Please Stop The Pain

Difficulties Expert+
2 3

Mapper: blueorca This map is cursed but 99% just hot garbage. This is the result of me being bored and wanting to map trash. Original Song is Night of Knights (tpz Overheat Remix) Enjoy and sr…