black_hat_magic One Saber

Ace Aura — Flow

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
5 1

Mapper: black_hat_magic Need spood proctice and I want something less wide than Fern’s map. Will prob reup since I’m an idiot and probably left a mismap in it. Also Byte told me to…

black_hat_magic Metal

Trivium — What the Dead Men Say

Difficulties Expert+
4 6

Mapper: black_hat_magic Ninth mop. Lights by Lolighter. Comfy but stamina heavy this time. A lil different from what I usually do. Sorry if the audio’s a lil crunchy, I had to compress i…


Tanger — Nano

Difficulties Expert+
17 1

Mapper: black_hat_magic Totally didn’t just map this cause I thought it would get views on YouTube, no sir. In all seriousness, this song is a jammer. Original Video: Another map made in…


Ken Ashcorp — Touch Fluffy Tail

Difficulties Expert+
32 16

Mapper: black_hat_magic Sixth map. I think. Mapped in 2 hours if you don’t include the 30 minutes in the editor I spent learning that like 8 different websites all got the BPM wrong lul.…


DM DOKURO — Blood Coagulant

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
8 5

Mapper: black_hat_magic Fourth Map Would’ve been a full difficulty spread, but I was actively losing brain cells when I was downmapping. Funny one-handed stream on Lawless mode.


DM DOKURO — Wasteland

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
28 2

Mapper: black_hat_magic Techier map this time. After four months of this map sitting in my completed songs folder with no lighting, I finally managed to get the motivation to light the damn th…