BigOlDumplin 1.1. Balanced 1.2. Dance Dance Pop


Difficulties Expert+
47 4

Mapper: BigOlDumplin ==================DECORATION================== HAIIIIII!!! :333 it me, and im back, with a pretty pog map thought i’d try sumn different, and i think it succeeded ve…



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Mapper: BigOlDumplin =================DECORATION================= Banger map for a banger song B) This took a good bit and i really like the end result, hope you do too ^^ Lights are done by m…


The Ghost

Difficulties Expert+
25 2

Mapper: BigOlDumplin ====NOT FINISHED==== Big jam jam mhm catJAM Lil techy ====NOT FINISHED====

BigOlDumplin 1.4. Tech 1.5. Speed Hardcore

Enter your mind

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: BigOlDumplin First map ever uploaded, a total of 22 hours of mapping and with the help of a few awesome playtesters including myself, i am proud to announce that its done 🙂 in the futu…