Alien Blues [Noodle Extensions & Chroma]

Difficulties Expert+
32 4

Mapper: benevolencee •Requirements: Chroma & Noodle Extensions •Stars: 6.53 (I’m doing this based off of the maps I’ve played) •Difficulties: Expert+ Lawless & (Lightshow) …


Bully Busters

Difficulties Expert Expert+
12 2

Mapper: benevolencee We’re the bully busters We eat straight rocks If we catch you bullying We’ll knock off your sōcks {Chester} Yo! What’s Good! My name is Chester Say a bad word,…


chinese man vibing

Difficulties Expert+
10 2

Mapper: benevolencee so kawaii uwu owo kinda badly mappedok made at like 2:12 am with notes im sorry7 forgot to asdd self to the map creaotr and song authro stuff lmaooso jsdaoi0 jdsdfs hoipfg…