You Were Wrong Go Back

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: beat-sage Got permission to reup will prolly make a nerfed version eventually when i got time Lvl 33-34 probs

beat-sage 1.5. Speed

Studying the Factory Remix

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 3

Mapper: beat-sage challenge map 5 hours and 25 min to finish everything ex+ 666.666 bpm ex 444.444 bpm (lazy edit) ex+ took me 4 hours to map while ex took me an hour and 25 min to convert the…


Methcicle Stinger

Difficulties Expert Expert+
0 1

Mapper: beat-sage I put wayyyyy too much effort into what essentially was supposed to be a simple edit of another map (remapped and timed everything) Took me around 2 and a half to 3 hours to …

beat-sage 1.5. Speed Hardcore

The Pretender

Difficulties Expert+
4 3

Mapper: beat-sage challenge map big thanks to Bug for mapping the intro big thanks to Bug, Plasim and Saitei for playtesting had a blast mapping this so if anyone got any simple songs they wan…