Dubwoofer Substep

Difficulties Expert+
16 5

Mapper: AsteryxLIVE If i open MMA2 it shows 5+ hours of actual effort for this one Big thank you to Mitsumeru for testing the map as it was coming along, as always And a thanks to 6bx for test…

AsteryxLIVE Comedy & Meme


Difficulties Easy
14 2

Mapper: AsteryxLIVE some weird meme map that i spent 10 minutes making + lighting because i have the attention span of so theres pauls or something in this 🙂


Chariot – USAO

Difficulties Expert+
7 3

Mapper: AsteryxLIVE Second map ever made! I want to take a minute for thanking my buddies for testing my map: BlairBlues Lillaska Reality_Cut DaraDerg Drxpsynxma AWVR D4ngerousDave Thank you a…