SteinsGate 0: Fatima

Difficulties Expert
13 19

Mapper: apervysage Length: 1:33 Bpm: 179 Notes: 546 Obs: 8 This song was a request by Zoro in my quest to find more amazing weeb songs for you guys! TehSuperToilet helped colab this towards th…

APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Expert
79 4

Curator’s Note If you’re with friends on a LAN party, and you all just play songs for fun while only competing with each other, this will be a good Hard difficulty song that is chi…

APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Hard
76 4

Curator’s Note There will come a time when you would want to show off your Beat Saber skills to people, by playing the same songs as them. The song does have good flow but the notes are …

APervySage Anime Soundtrack


Difficulties Expert
282 14

Mapper: apervysage Another weeb song that had to be mapped. Enjoy! Expert Only(on the easier side) BPM: 140 Notes: 261 Thanks to Zoro and TehSuperToilet for the testing! Preview: https://youtu…

APervySage Meme

Gamecube Startup

Difficulties Expert
107 119

This track is not for everyone. It’s a short, 15 second map that replicates the gamecube startup sound. It’s hard to rate these meme songs, because if the gamecube startup sound brings nostalg…