SteinsGate 0: Fatima

Difficulties Expert
9 24

Mapper: APervySage Length: 1:33 Bpm: 179 Notes: 546 Obs: 8 This song was a request by Zoro in my quest to find more amazing weeb songs for you guys! TehSuperToilet helped colab this towards th…

APervySage Anime TV & Movies


Difficulties Expert
383 25

Mapper: APervySage Another weeb song that had to be mapped. Enjoy! Expert Only(on the easier side) BPM: 140 Notes: 261 Thanks to Zoro and TehSuperToilet for the testing! Preview: https://youtu…

APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Hard
96 7

Mapper: APervySage DeLUX Jam League of Legends Community Colab BPM: 120 Expert only 1:47 Another League of Legends community colab. Short and sweet (hope you like lux laughing at you) Enjoy!

APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Expert
139 5

Mapper: APervySage Braumix League of Legends Community Colab BPM: 170 Expert only (Really just Hard+ IMO) 2 Min 2nd map I’ve uploaded so far. Short but fun one! Hope you all like playing…