AntAptive 1.2. Dance Electronic

Exyl – Ping! 2

Difficulties Expert Expert+
210 9

Mapper: AntAptive No, your Discord isn’t going off. Requires Noodle Extensions for speed changes. However, there is a no speed changing difficulty. Please check out the original song by …


Notaker – Shimmer

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: AntAptive This map took 1 hour and 15 minutes to make. This is not a competitive or fast level. I acknowledge it is a bit repetitive. This is more of a chill level to enjoy the music a…



Difficulties Hard
8 0

Mapper: AntAptive for this cool gamer biscuit1120 check him out on twitch pls


Synapse – Shine

Difficulties Expert
3 1

Mapper: AntAptive For BoAndAudi Sorry for the bad quality. Was on kind of a time crunch haha.


Exyl – Ping!

Difficulties Expert+
213 22

Mapper: AntAptive This is my first Beat Saber map. Looking back at it now, there’s definitely room for improvement, but I’m not letting this hard work go to waste.