Difficulties Expert+
32 2

Mapper: acetari Norwegian song POG! Party map with some left handed leads and different stream bursts in different patterns. This map was made with the intent to fiddle around with lights. Hop…



Difficulties Easy
13 4

Mapper: acetari Map #4 Easy – The song is nice. K.


Sham Pain

Difficulties Expert+
49 15

Mapper: acetari 3rd map Copy pasta but playable! Come bug me if you don’t like my map over at



Difficulties Expert+
53 8

Mapper: acetari 2nd map This one is mapped a bit weird as these are patters I usually struggle with and want to become better at, So it might not feel as flowy as other maps <3 When you fig…

acetari Pop R&B

Some say

Difficulties Expert
107 25

Mapper: acetari First map <3 Find me and bug me about my map over at: