A-PlouVR 1.1. Balanced House

Kat Yuki – Restart

Difficulties Expert+
19 1

Mapper: A-PlouVR @Slayx did the Lawless map Expert+ is the Lawless but the drop are easier (drop made by me) Thank you Kat Yuki for trusting us in this project! YouTube link: ?si=2HFBKJh4dJox1…

A-PlouVR 1.4. Tech Hardcore

Woo – Korsakoff

Difficulties Expert+
2 0

Mapper: A-PlouVR requested by : Esteur Hardcore! Tech. Thank you @knexfreak32 for playtesting and saying that the map is ready to go. !!WARNING!! There is Windows, cross and back hand/wrist ro…