Forest Of Hope – Pikmin

Difficulties Expert
10 0

Mapper: 3Stans Ah, welcome back fabulous description reader! This map was made for a friend who spent $2 on a glorious game (The Last of Waifus) so I payed him back by making this map for him …


Amelia Watson Hiccup’s

Difficulties Expert Expert+
18 0

Mapper: 3Stans Not exactly sure why I mapped this, well actually that’s a lie I do. I felt as though the beatsaber community needed this and so I brought it upon myself to grace them wit…


MEMODEMO – Polyfruit

Difficulties Expert+
6 0

Mapper: 3Stans Welcome glorious description reader! Your presence here is more than appreciated! This is my 3rd map and I feel really good about it, unlike my last 2 maps its actually synced c…


[Snowdrift] – Snails House

Difficulties Expert+
13 2

Mapper: 3Stans Your looking at the description? Wow, your a legend. First song to upload now that I’m back to mapping (with a new pc yay). Anyway here are some disclaimers and known issu…