i d k

Octane – Creo (Octane EP 3/3)

Difficulties Expert+
22 2

Mapper: i d k This is the final map in the Octane EP series. This one has the best lighting and the hardest gameplay imo. Enjoy the small challenge! Support Creo and the song itself here:


Shop – Undertale OST: 023

Difficulties Expert
28 2

Mapper: jokidum Song Info: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Shop Hello, traveller. *How can I help you? I needed to take a short break from mapping, but I’m back, and I’m ready to…


Pieces – hatsunetsumiko’s

Difficulties Expert
20 0

Mapper: shuuxruri Map and Lights made by me. I made this song thinking whats the easiest way to play an expert map, and this is the result. I really love the voice with the percussion of the s…