Tech Thieves – Fake

Difficulties Hard
12 2

Mapper: reverendgreed Thanks again to pukeface_snotdog, The greatest mediocre player ever, for help with play test! Time: 2:22 BPM: 85 (song is set at 170) Notes: 410 NJS: 12


Schwank – Neon

Difficulties Expert+
14 1

Mapper: mrsmile Fun song with fast streams. Enjoy! Mapping assisted by: 219278 (Go Check His Maps Out As Well) Expert+ Only. (E+) | 22 NJS, 175 BPM, 1322 Notes, 7.94 NPS


Notaker – Shimmer

Difficulties Expert+
19 5

Mapper: halcyon12 FYI this is heavily shortened down so that it is fit for Beat Saber; a lot of Notaker’s songs are covered with areas that use faint sounds and white noise which isnR…