liviflame Trap

SorrySines – Walker

Difficulties Expert+
7 4

Mapper: liviflame Please do enjoy! I had a bit of fun mapping this, and it’s my first map. so excuse some odd jumps and uncomfortable notes.


Unlucky Morpheus – Black Pentagram

Difficulties Expert+
14 9

Mapper: Electrostats Trying to make a rankable Angriefer-style ish map Pog. Feel free to down vote if you’re too bad to pass this. This is V1, changes will probably be made to make this …



Difficulties Expert+
0 3

Mapper: gardnergang made by jimbo, james, and kevin


Dark Rom Syncer

Difficulties Expert Expert+
37 1

Mapper: miku bop! Finally got this finished and very excited to release, worked harder on this map than any other map I’ve done. Thank you everyone so much for testing and your contribut…



Difficulties Expert+
17 2

Mapper: oppaidefender chill map extra fun on FS