edwardkantway Folk

Es gibt nur Wasser ||Santiano

Difficulties Expert Expert+
12 3

Mapper: edwardkantway Urspr√ľnglich wollte ich nur nen Blick auf das Licht werfen da nen Freund von mir diesen Song urspr√ľnglich mal gemappt hat. Daraus ist dann ein komplettes Remapping geword…


Rich Man

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
15 3

Mapper: ezconfirmed Going for rank so might reupload This took me 2 hours to make all 3 difficulties and another hour to fix/polish it lol Thanks to Vilawes and carrot for the mods Expert+: NP…


MONSTER (cover) rachie

Difficulties Hard
11 0

Mapper: 2DeKay Difficulties: Hard I Trying it, the first Time so be Nice. MONSTER Cover SONG by rachie Orginal by YusukeKira

Pulse Instrumental Jazz

Take Five

Difficulties Expert
27 7

Mapper: pulse Dave Brubeck’s Take Five – my first “finished product” however I may come back to this another time to tidy up the lighting and notes a bit