Difficulties Expert
23 6

Mapper: freebird Alright, so it’s not the best S3RL song in the world, but I heard it and I thought I might be able to learn something from it, it took me a while to bang out, but I’m happ…


Back to the Gate

Difficulties Expert+
2 7

Mapper: sniffyz 190 BPM, Expert+, Stamina/Pattern based mapped. I would argue this is an easier map from me, some of the patterns are tricky but not nightmare level difficult. Good luck!…


アメリカ民謡研究会「悪夢とは殺人鬼に百万回殺される夢ではなく、幸せな家族の妄想から目を醒まして惨めな天井を知る朝のことだ」/(A nightmare is not defined as”Killed by murderer a million times”,but”Having a good time with families and suddenly find yourself staring at miserable ceiling and realize it was all a dream”)

Difficulties Expert
22 3

Mapper: 501 悪夢とは、殺人鬼に百万回殺される夢ではなく、 幸せな家族の妄想から目を醒まして、 惨めな天井を知る朝のことだ。 — Haniwa/アメリカ民謡研究会 (@0Haniwa0) July 10, 2019 Lyrics: あの通学路には、 記憶の幽霊が住んでいて…


Everyday- Virtual Riot/YOSIE

Difficulties Hard
22 3

Mapper: serenity From the album “Still Kids”, I thought it would be a good warmup song. Not as much effort put into this one, so it might be a little rough around the edges in some spots. …


Dreams of Our Generation V.1.1

Difficulties Hard
9 7

Mapper: pixelman546 EDIT V.1.1 [Fixed a small combo issue with arrow directions.] Dreams of Our Generation from Rhythm Heaven Fever! Also uncommonly known as the credits theme. Song by Tsunku, Beatmap…