LG – Good Morning

Difficulties Hard
1 1

Mapper: merula89 This is my first map ever. I made a very annoying alarm song from LG, which I got from Youtube.…


Home Sweet Home

Difficulties Expert+
0 1

Mapper: XionsProphecy –CAUTION– Fast blinking lights! If you are wondering why there are parts with none to a few notes, it’s made to let you breath and look ahead. Hope you are read…


Doom Dada – T.O.P.

Difficulties Normal
9 0

Mapper: neoaikon My wife is a big T.O.P. fan and it just so happens that her favorite song is about 3 1/2 minutes, making it perfect for beat sabering. This my first attempt at mapping a track and is …


Baywatch – TV Theme

Difficulties Expert+
4 0

Mapper: LexraxVR Map: BayWatch – TV Theme Length: 3:07 BPM: 130.88 Difficulty: EXPERT+ Status: Complete with LIGHTING Enjoy 🙂 I always do my mapping LIVE on Twitch @ Lexrax_VR…


Club Paradise – Sugar

Difficulties Expert
3 0

Mapper: Knuk This song is not very well known with around 1000 views on the official youtube video. I believe it deserves more exposure. Play video: &…