Difficulties Expert+
15 3

Mapper: vmoppy EXPERT + ONLY BPM: 195 Notes: 1056 Length: 2:43 Lighting: Lightmap base, remixed by Moppy Song preview:…


Strawberry Trapper

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
9 6

Mapper: pecanpie112 Strawberrry Trapper performed by Guilty Kiss of Aqours. Mapped by Nathan UIUC, aka Maki NishiVTEC on Steam. Ex+, Ex, and Hard available.…


ANOMALY – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
30 5

Mapper: fraies this has been finished for a while but puds just now got around to fixing some stuff so we release now, used in sightbleed tourney lulw. (if something in the map is bigly broke or there…

brutallymoist Pop

Clash – Trip40

Difficulties Expert
4 3

Mapper: brutallymoist Difficulty: Expert It’s easy at the start but gets progressively harder as the song goes on. Intro: Easy Build up: Normal/Hard Drop Section 1/2: Expert Drop Section 2/2: Ex…