New Ways to Filter Songs! (Filter by Difficulty, etc.)

One of the most requested features for is to browse songs by difficulty and we’re excited to announce that you can finally do that!

If you hover over the “Reviews” button on the top right of the navigation bar, you’ll notice quite a few new options.

I’ll go through the whole list just in-case there’s any confusion about what they are

1. First, there’s “Top Curated Reviews.”

This is pretty self explanatory – it’s a list from highest to lowest of every review of a map by a Curator

2. Next, we have a few ways to view User Reviews.

First, you can browse the “Top AVG User Reviews.” This lists user reviews from highest to lowest only if 2+ reviews have been left on a map.

The “Most User Reviews” is a sort of the number of user reviews left on a map. It ignores the actual rating. The maps on the top of the list have 20+ reviews and it’ll go down to all the songs with only 2 reviews left.

The “All User Reviews” is a sort of every song from highest review to lowest even if only a single review was left.

3. One last way to view User Reviews is by Difficulty.

This should be pretty self explanatory. It sorts maps that have been reviewed from highest to lowest only within your desired difficulty level.

4. Next, we have a brand new way to sort songs. The “Sort by In-Game Upvotes” is a sort based on whether maps were upvoted or downvoted after people played it.

Note: Your Downvote or Upvote will be greyed out until you add your API into your config file located within your Beat Saber directory. To do that, first go to, login with your account, then click on “Access Tokens”

You’ll now be able to copy your access token to your Beat Saber modprefs file.

Inside your game folder, go into the “UserData” folder and edit the “modprefs.ini” with your favorite text editor. Simply paste your apiAccessToken in and in-game upvoting and downvoting should now work!

We’re also working on a way to leave full reviews in-game too!

5. The last new sorting method is sorting all songs, whether it has a review or not, by difficulty.

You can bookmark your current difficulty page and like all the other review pages, these lists auto update the second that a song comes. It’s a fantastic way to find new songs that you can actually play!

Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below and PLEASE suggest any other ways of sorting maps or anything else we can add to to make it better. Thanks!!

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  1. Michael Dean Marshall says:

    Is there a way to filter for previously played songs? I guess I need to start favoriting….

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